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Issues and Priorities

Kenneth Boudreaux's campaign centers around bringing about positive change, equality, and improved representation for the people of Lafayette. With his experience, dedication, and proven leadership, he aims to continue his lasting impact and serve as a voice for the community he holds dear.

Direction of Local Government

Kenneth acknowledges the need for a change in the direction of local government in Lafayette. He emphasizes the importance of knowledgeable and committed leadership that prioritizes the interests of families, businesses, and the community as a whole.


Fiscal Responsibility

Drawing attention to internal and external audits, Kenneth underscores the importance of fiscal responsibility. He vows to be a responsible leader, ensuring that taxpayer funds are allocated efficiently and transparently.


Delivering on Promises

Boudreaux stresses the need for accountability and delivering on promises made to the community. He references successful initiatives he championed in the past, such as securing funding for vital projects and improvements like the LUS payment/processing center, police training facilities, regional library, and park redevelopment.

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